Golf and Hunting in Argentina

Golf and Hunting in Argentina

The increment of golf players around the world has made Argentina one of the best places to play this sport, that’s also because tourism and real state development has had a significant growth in recent years. Argentina is the country in South America with the largest number of golf courses, most of these with an outstanding world reputation and quality. Therefore, the golf traveler can combine his favorite sport with visits to the most spectacular highlights that Argentina has to offer in its many natural and urban scenarios. In addition to this, people in Argentina demonstrate vast knowledge and pleasure when it comes to welcoming and serving tourists.

As all of we already know, the hunt was the man’s first occupation; it always represented a demonstration of value, ability and nobility. To hunt is not to kill; the persecution and the final approach to a prey demand a great physical and mental effort. It is necessary to read the land correctly, to obtain data on the customs of the looked for animals, to watch, to look for the best shot position, to point and to give in the target. Knowledge, patience and aim are needed. For that reason this activity only has value when the laws of the Nature are respected.

The Argentinean territory is characterized by its natural beauty and its capable rural scenarios for the hunt. Their fauna is one of the richest of the world for the quantity and variety of species. For its geographical position, the Argentina has a climate that allows to the hunter, to organize programs of more hunt and smaller hunt, the whole year in different provinces. And because of the extension of the country, this it is diversified according to their specific habitat, finding autochthonous and exotic varieties that are protected by laws and regulations, especially the fauna that is autochthonous. Therefore, it is indispensable condition to respect those norms to be able to hunt in Argentinean territory.

The most frequent destinations for the biggest hunt are The Pampas (plain, forests and spinal), San Carlos de Bariloche, San Martin de los Andes (forests and mountain), with varieties of deer, boars, wild goats and pumas; the area of the Chaco (it mounts thorny and forest) that understands several counties of the North Argentinean where many hunters they felt the pursuit of big herds of pecaries, and where the brown corzuela and the puma are also plentiful.

For the smallest hunt, some places of the county of Buenos Aires, Entre Ríos, Córdoba are the most usual, to be areas with sowed fields, and abundant mirrors of water, they gather the necessary conditions for the reproduction of birds.

The regulations and permits vary according to the province in that you are hunting. The entrance of the weapon in the country will require to be declared in the aeronautical police, in the same airport, presenting the documentation and filled a form. One is not able to hunt in the public road, to hunt outside of season, to traffic with loaded weapons, to enter in field without their proprietor’s permission and to hunt any species that is not enabled.

If you’re a duck hunter or just an avid fan of the sport of duck hunting, you’ve probably already heard how Argentina is one of the top areas in which duck hunting thrives.  Just southwest of Buenos Aires, Argentina duck hunting can be enjoyed in many wonderful opportunities.  To get the most fun out of Argentina duck hunting, you might consider spending the night in a nearby lodge and going out for Argentina duck hunting early in the morning, because this activity usually begins with the crack of light. Spending a few days at a nearby lodge or estancia will mean that you get the most out of your Argentina duck hunting experience.

We insist: Argentina is a great golf and hunting destination, enjoyable for any golf player and hunter.  So, make the most from your experience, come to our country and try it!

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